Hello! I'm Tara Harmon and my passion is helping others to feel their best both physically and emotionally through a variety of movement practices including Pilates, various dance disciplines, and stretching.

Teaching Pilates and dance fills my need to help inspire others in their health and fitness journey. I take a fun, kind, and compassionate approach to my training style - the level of challenge and intensity in each workout is something I like to determine with my clients, together. I truly feel fitness goals are best achieved when we work as a team to find the motivation that helps maintain a balanced level of consistency.


  • Pilates 500 Hour Intensive Instructor Teacher Training :: MBS Precision Pilates
  • Dance Instructor Certification (Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop) :: ADTA
  • Dance and Performing Arts Major :: UCI
  • Pole Dance Instructor :: The Dollhouse Fitness
  • MELT Method Certifed
  • Barre Instructor :: BarreVite
  • CPR Certified


I obtained my Pilates 500 hour teacher training certification in 2013 under the mentorship of Kim Wallace, owner and instructor at MBS Precision Pilates and Wellness in Carlsbad, CA. My training melded both classical and contemporary Pilates methods in a manner that honors the tradition and teachings of Joseph Pilates. I was trained on most of the widely used Pilates apparatuses including Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Step Barrel, and Tower. I have also studied and utilized the Foot Corrector and Balanced Body Arc. In addition to my Pilates certification, I also hold certifications in dance instruction, barre, pole dance fitness, barre, and MELT Method.


My love of creative movement began at the age of 3 when my mother brought me to my very first dance class. I continued to dance as a youngster studying everything from ballet to jazz, tap, modern, lyrical, hip hop, hula and even swing. In my late teens I apprenticed as an instructor and went on to become a Dance and Performing Arts major in college. It was then that I got my first taste of Pilates and I was immediately intrigued. I continued to take Pilates classes and sessions, when the budget allowed, and incorporated much of the practice into my dance class warm-ups. I continued to teach at various studios throughout San Diego, and at one point opened my own dance studio, which I operated for 4 years.

An unfortunate autoimmune thyroid disorder forced me to let go of the dance studio to focus on recovery. This health issue magnified my former dance injuries and made me even more vulnerable to injury with any physical fitness I endured. Eventually I had to stop dancing for a while, which broke my heart but facing adversity is a necessary thing in life. Pilates seemed to be the only practice to not only remedy my issues (while enduring treatment) but helped me to prevent further injury while also giving me the type of workout I was craving.

I'm an eternal optimist, so although this little moment in time was hard, it led me to where I am now and I'm grateful for the lessons learned. The experience opened up my intuition and empathy as an instructor, allowing me to give clients an experience that is specifically tailored to them and their needs.

My movement passions extend to a practice in aerial and pole dance arts, which I also teach within at a local studio in Encinitas. 

A tad more about me...I was born and raised HERE in sunny San Diego and am very grateful to still call it home. I currently live in San Marcos with my husband, two kitties, and tortoise.